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Walk-in Talkin’ is simple. I open my door. Anyone can come and:

  • shoot the breeze
  • ask a question
  • check things out
  • say “wassup”

And the hours are subject to change as everything else in this big old world we love so much will do. And goodness knows how I for one ever-vainly try to keep that from happening! It seems like adaptability along with being loathe do do so are hand-in-hand top trademarks of being human. But I digress.

this stock photo came with the wordpress template. Far-out, huh

For now, Walk-in Talkin’ will be:

Monday thru Wednesday from 6:00 pm til 7:00 pm

How long will it remain so? Well cowboy, we’ll see in a few weeks.

These are the new hours as of October 2019.

Coming soon: Wednesday convo gets a new name. Or does it?

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